Inspiration We Call “Deas Vail”

(The following I originally wrote in April, 2007 on a past blog. Kept what’s most relevant to share with you!)

Deas Vail With a classically trained vocalist who uses his falsetto skills well, this Brave New World Records artist is likely to develop a devoted fan base, much like artists with a related sound such as Mae and Coldplay. This Christian band claims to work hard at their music and with just their carefully written lyrics smacking of epic storytelling echoing the love of God and our struggles on earth, you can tell. And Steve Henderson of puts it well…

Overall, Deas Vail embraces moods and sounds that are ethereal and elegant, tossing around shimmering, light guitar lines and snappy drum notes, but these contributions are secondary to the group’s core of thoughtful piano arrangements building a foundation for Wes Blaylock’s stunning vocals.

In a song very worth hearing, “Follow Sound”, the song escalates to a pinnacle of hope…

All The Houses Look the SameWon’t you open up your eyes.
Through your window you’ll see.
The sun is shining bright and I promise there’s a world out there.

Watch them perform their song “Surface” on YouTube. And if you enjoy them, their album All the Houses Look the Same is available for $8.00 on the Brave New World Records website!

And if you still have no idea who Deas Vail is…