Unquantifiable Passion

I am a lover of life. My interests lie in everything from exploring caves, to dancing to great songs, to writing music to just sitting down and interviewing people. My talents lie in relationships, teaching/explaining, photography, videography, video editing, percussion, writing (including poetry), throwing parties, street smarts…

ImageI have professional experience in office management, recruiting, videography, editing, communication, audio production…

For those of us in the world who have a million interests… are not interested in just one subject or perfecting one skill… what profession, what career-what living-suits us?

In my ideal career I would travel the world. Probably blog like this and include all the richness of life with it, hopefully enhancing others lives and inspiring my readers to follow their dreams with writings, pictures, video and music… maybe I can perfect the sharing of a rich life! What a skill to perfect!

This dream does not have a distinct path yet. Those who take the unknown path are the ones who make new discoveries which shape this world. The beauty of life is that it does come: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ~Paulo Coelho


What is a Pomegranate and what does is have to do with a Tutu?

To answer this question, let me introduce the concept of Pomegranate Tutu.


This is a Pomegranate

This is a blog for lovers of life. Learning, experiencing and just living life.  It’s for sharing and listening.  Ultimately, it is to express what can make life richer, more meaningful and give everyone involved (readers & writer alike) greater purpose to a passion for life itself!

With this said, this blog begins with a single goal:  to spread this joy of living.

This is about you, about life, and about everyone and everything involved.  Please contribute–Please comment!

What is a Pomegranate Tutu?

It’s a nickname I got as a few friends went for a walk.  A walk that was expected to be around the block and ended up being 4 hours through streets and woods.  This profoundly adventurous moment produced this silly little nickname that defines this blog.  Enjoy!