I Sold My Apple Soul to a PC (sorry, iPad)

The iPad won’t do it for me…

For over a decade I’ve been a Mac girl. I got my very own iBook G3 when I was headed off to college, got my free iPod (10 gigs!) in 2001 during that 1 year period when the “refer 5 friends and get a FREE iPod” deals were legit, bought (and will continue to use – I’m on it right now) my 20″ iMac Intel 2.16 Ghz a couple years ago, an iPhone for $400 right before they became $200 (I missed that refund for the $200 by a month), broke my iPod to get a Nano with more Gigs a year ago… I love my Apple products. But now I need something small, portable, with a web cam, an actual keyboard (I LOVE writing!) and Flash! And without buying a MacBook for $1,000 (why keep my iMac then?). And I just can’t justify getting an iPad, a glorified and over-sized version of my beloved iPhone.

So today, the last day of March, 2010, I did it. I sold my Apple soul to a PC. A Samsung N210 (barley over $400), a tiny little 10″ netbook. Yes, I had to get the one that resembles the infamous, white, pristine Apple MacBook. Now I have the portability and the tools I need to write anywhere in an inspired state at my local cafe, post here to PomTutu, make another live streaming video to my Ustream page, to check my Facebook Fan Page, and to Skype [Add me: nothingbutpossibilities]!

I will have to admit, though… the only downside: I now have to have, and pay monthly for, anti-virus software, once the trial expires… Ugh.

Did I make a mistake? Comment and tell me your thoughts below!


7 thoughts on “I Sold My Apple Soul to a PC (sorry, iPad)

  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge. I have used both Windows and Macs for years. I enjoy Macs but simply put, find them too expensive. I think the ultimate solution is a netbook hackintosh, because I prefer the Mac OSX, but I am not that technically inclined, so I will live with a netbook and a Windows 7 OS.

  2. I agree with the previous poster. It was a good move, and OS X has a lot of superior features. Fortunately, Windows 7 is a really solid OS with great features too, and lots of shortcut keys to make it flexible, so you should be fine with it.

  3. Nice choice Vickie, I would have chose a cheap but OK netbook instead of the iPad. I will definitely buy an iPad later, perhaps I will just wait until the iPad 4G comes out but for now I’m good with what I have.

  4. Congratulations on buying with an open mind! I really like my netbook running Windows 7, and haven’t had any issues with viruses. There are some great free anti-virus programs you can download like Avira, AVG, and Avast. If you want to see people’s opinions of them go to CNET’s site and look at the freeware for Windows under the Downloads tab.
    I hope you enjoy your netbook, and don’t have too hard a time adjusting from Mac!

    Ps. If you need a word processor and don’t feel like buying Word, OpenOffice is a great free alternative that is shockingly similar and has an equivalent of Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and more.

  5. Netbooks are great 🙂 I use Eee PC since september 2009.

    You can use good, free and light antivirus software: Microsoft Security Essentials.

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